Statement of Strategic Intent

Planning for the Future

Our Strategic Directions Statement (2018-2021) aims to provide a strategic direction for the organisation over the next four years. It states, at a high level, what we plan to achieve during this time and forms the basis of our teams’ operational plans and individual work plans. This makes it the foundation of our day-to-day service delivery.

Objectives relating to our core purpose, vision and values, how we work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and how we work with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities have been embedded within the plan to reinforce their importance across everything we do. Specific focus will be given to these areas within the more practically based operational plans.

CatholicCare Sandhurst is committed to individual, family and community development.  We will:

Strategic Direction 1:

Support the diverse range of people and families who are in need or at risk in our community, and who seek our help in developing life skills, individual capacity and relationships that will allow them to enrich their lives and participate fully in community.  In this we will:

  • Continue to build our knowledge of the communities and clients we serve
  • Broaden and diversify our client base
  • Target and pursue funding to offer programs that address the needs of the most vulnerable, disadvantaged and displaced people.

Strategic Direction 2:

Listen to and build strong links with all stakeholders; the Catholic and broader community and government, in a way that enhances our capacity and helps build a stronger and more connected community.  In this we will:

  • Deliver required funding outcomes and demonstrated contractual compliance.
  • Implement processes to identify and monitor key compliance areas.
  • Prioritise consultation and feedback to ensure stakeholder satisfaction.
  • Work collaboratively in a range of partnerships to best meet the needs of the communities.
  • Develop strategic relationships with other service providers to broaden service delivery.

Strategic Direction 3:

Listen, lead, work and advocate, as an organisation and in partnerships, to improve the policies, structures and resources in the sector to deliver outcomes that address structures of injustice towards people who are most in need, and that prevent the development of human potential.  In this we will:

  • Establish and promote a client friendly and welcoming culture, environment and facilities.
  • Proactively campaign and advocate on social justice issues.

Strategic Direction 4:

Develop and support our staff, who are our key resource, to deliver high quality, best practice services for our clients and the community; and ensure we have the organisation, capital, infrastructure, financial capacity and policies to enable them to do this reliably, safely and sustainably.  In this we will:

  • Build and maintain organisational practice that supports professional development.
  • Provide leadership opportunities at all levels
  • Ensure a shared vision across the organisation

Strategic Direction 5:

Establish ourselves as recognised leaders in community services through the excellence of our work and our profile in the community, and by our advocacy at policy, program and practice levels to achieve social justice and client-centered services.  In this we will:

  • Improve access for clients and service providers
  • Be innovative and flexible with the way we deliver our services
  • Ensure our practice is informed by and based on researched evidence
  • Increase appropriate and effective use of up-to-date digital technologies
  • Build opportunties for innovation and research to contribute to the wider sector.