We offer a range of group work sessions to parents, couples and other professionals, providing information and exploring strategies to assist in making a difference.  Each program offers you and your family the opportunity to take part in relevant, local programs that focus on key transition points in the lives of our child and your family

Family & Relationship Programs

CCS runs various family relationship programs which include a series of sessions. Our family relationship programs include:

  • Coparenting after separation
  • Tuning in to kids/teens
  • Seasons for growth
  • Recovering from separation
  • Bringing up great kids
  • Professional development

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Family & Relationship Workshops

CCS family relationship workshops are one-off group information sessions. Our family relationship workshops include:

  • Kids and anger / Kids and worry
  • Knowing your teenager
  • Connecting with kids
  • Starting primary school
  • Toddlers
  • Life partnership 
  • FOCCUS pre marriage education / REFOCCUS
  • Parenting conversations
  • Boys brains
  • Stepfamilies
  • Wellbeing and self care

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