Counselling & Marriage Counselling

Our counsellors help couples, parents, children, families and individuals resolve issues in their relationships and personal lives. 

We provide a safe environment to express thoughts, feelings and values to develop greater awareness and understanding of a problem or issue, and the skills to support communication and mutual understanding.

Appointments : If you would like to enquire about counselling or require further assistance, please contact our office on 03 5438 1300


Family Services

Our home-based case management program provides services to help people achieve improved well being and more engagement in their communities.

The program supports families living in the Loddon Shire with children under 18 to overcome difficulties such as parenting challenges, isolation and family violence.

The aim of Child First is to support the safety and health of children, young people and their families.

Family Services Is committed to providing access to all communities within the Loddon Shire.

We can be accessed in home, via the Bendigo Office or at a place of your choice.

Bendigo Office: 176-178 McCrae Street, (PO Box 255), BENDIGO VIC 3550
Ph: (03) 5438 1300
Fax: (03) 5441 7713

Family Relationship Centre (FRC)

The Shepparton Family Relationship Centre (FRC) supports people having difficulties with relationships due to separation or divorce.  Our services include information, mediation and referrals to help separtated parents to make decisions in the best interests of their children.

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We provide dispute resolution (mediation or conciliation) to help parents resolve conflict and develop workable arrangements (including parenting plans) for their children. We outreach to Bendigo and Deniliquin.

Click here to visit Family Relationship Centre online

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Family Dispute Resolution & Mediation

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR), also known as mediation, helps parents resolve disputes during a separation or divorce.  Resolving issues through mediation reduces conflict children experience.

Our FDR service is for anyone having difficultly agreeing on parenting and financial arrangements during a separation or divorce.

Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners encourage individuals to obtain independent legal advice. Please note that Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners do not provide legal advice.

Contact Family Relationship Centre - Bendigo Outreach on 03 5438 1300 or Shepparton on 03 5820 0444 or 1300 273 528

Available Support Services:
Family Relationships Advice Line: 1800 050 321
Family Relationships Online:
Children's Contact Services:
(Provide a safe, neutral environment for parents to undertake changeovers and supervised visitation). For your nearest centre please call 1800 050 321
Child Support Agency: 131 272
Legal Aid: 1800 677 402

Property Dispute Resolution

Our Property Dispute Resolution program assists separated couples and families to negotiate the division of property and finances.

Qualified practitioners assist couples to negotiate the division of assets and liabilities, taking into account each parties contribution to the relationship and their future financial needs.

Contact Family Relationship Centre - Bendigo Outreach on 03 5438 1300 or Shepparton on
03 5820 0444